Mozilla's Global Usage Share Now at 1.6 Percent

Sunday July 27th, 2003

thelem writes: " have released their latest browser usage data. It's as expected, IE6 has made big gains at the expense of IE5, Netscape 4 has made losses and Mozilla and Safari have made gains." thelem adds that IE now has a global usage share of 95.4% (up 0.1 percentage points since February), Mozilla 1.6% (up 0.4 percentage points), Netscape Navigator 4.x 0.6% (down 0.4 percentage points), Opera 6.0 0.6% (down 0.1 percentage points) and Safari 0.25% (up 0.14 percentage points). "These figures show similar trends to those being reported by, although puts mozilla usage at around 2.2%."

#46 False Economy?

by JJLanng

Thursday July 31st, 2003 8:55 PM

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I agree that standards compliance shoud be one of the high priorities in any site production. The benefits you've outlined are all extremely compelling reasons to switch to XHTML/CSS coding methods and hopefully site builders will start to understand this in the near future.

"If you design for the standards (XHTML,CSS) you design for all browsers ..."

But, and this issue comes up every time, coding to standards does not guarantee any sort of consistency in browsers. As an example, Netscape 7 has a bug in which LABEL objects will *disappear* from the screen if positioned absolutely. This obviously has a critical impact on the usability of forms. Now the question is no longer "Do we support standards?", rather "Do we support this browser and its bugs and therefore modify our coding practices?". Further down this path, the question arises "How much time do we spend customising our coding practices to suit browser A?".

Given that time is not an unlimited resource for most production teams, you then have to weight up how much time you give to each of the other browsers and their bugs and you are going to opt for the greatest cost/benefit.


It's fairly safe to say that most teams will test for the major browsers (touch wood), but with a 90% market share in one direction, unfortunately not all major browsers are equally "major".