Introduction to Mozilla Thunderbird Part 3 Now Available

Friday July 25th, 2003

Morten W. Petersen writes: "Kay Frode has created another article introducing new users to Thunderbird (following the first and second article which received great reviews and lots of helpful feedback) up on our website. Any comments? Thanks."

#4 Re: Signatures

by jilles

Friday July 25th, 2003 5:45 PM

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Regarding the two dashes, that apparently is something the elite hackers want us to live with. Apparently it's some obscure evolved standard/convention that never really caught on that says that the text below is a signature and should not be quoted in a reply. Of course it is a very adhoc standard and the proper way to implement it would have been to use an attachment for the signature that email clients could optionally display rather than two ASCII dashes. It's too late for that now just as it is too late to expect microsoft to start complying with this kind of thing. Lets move on please.

Of course HTML is actually a real standard but many mail clients still do not support it (even though html2text is trivial to implement, any 1st year cs student could do it in their sleep). Fortunately this only applies to mail clients almost nobody uses anymore (pine, elm, mutt, ...). So yes, you are right the dashes are pretty pointless and in the context of HTML formatted messages completely pointless.

The email compose dialog is a usability disaster inherited from netscape 4. Apparently developers are aware and a replacement is under development (any news on how this is progressing?). IMHO the outlook dialog is just as powerfull and far more intuitive to use.