Spellchecker Checked into Mozilla

Friday July 25th, 2003

Robert Accettura and Henrik Gemal both wrote in to tell us that the spellchecker from has been checked into Mozilla. However, it is not currently turned on. The spellchecker's epic journey into the Mozilla tree is charted in bug 56301.

#9 Re: Re: 1997-98 When NSCP 4.x was the hype...

by hstark

Saturday July 26th, 2003 3:08 PM

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"Of course, I forgot how targetting end-users automatically makes every bug easier to fix."

I don't code but I have worked on big engineering projects. Things get fixed prehaps not on time but in a resonable amount of time. I feel the issue here was not the difficulty of the task but rather no one cared. If it were part of the stratergy (ie important) there would have been folks working on it.

Now please don't tell me it was all volunteers and they simply work on what interests them. A large amount of the resources were supplied by Netscape. If say the drivers felt it was important stratigically by george it would have been done.