Spellchecker Checked into Mozilla

Friday July 25th, 2003

Robert Accettura and Henrik Gemal both wrote in to tell us that the spellchecker from has been checked into Mozilla. However, it is not currently turned on. The spellchecker's epic journey into the Mozilla tree is charted in bug 56301.

#7 Re: Re: 1997-98 When NSCP 4.x was the hype...

by hstark

Saturday July 26th, 2003 2:15 PM

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"That was never the primary reason why it took so long to get in. Just because an application is aimed at vendors and not end-users does not meant that it should be missing features. May as well say, "End-user distributions can provide their own page rendering code." The timing of the spellchecker being checked in and the launch of the Mozilla Foundation is purely coincidental."

Yes, but if it were for end users it sure as hell would have been there sooner. It always seemed to me (as an end user) that not targeting end users was foolish. I think the foundation ought to adverise (I think they are) and distribute CDs for cost.