Spellchecker Checked into Mozilla

Friday July 25th, 2003

Robert Accettura and Henrik Gemal both wrote in to tell us that the spellchecker from has been checked into Mozilla. However, it is not currently turned on. The spellchecker's epic journey into the Mozilla tree is charted in bug 56301.

#1 This will make 211 people will be very happy :-)

by Prognathous

Friday July 25th, 2003 2:39 AM

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This was one of the top voted bugs, and rightfully so.

Now, it would be absolutely fantastic if some of that development effort could be diverted to Bug 16409 <> ("invoke spell check in browser window - multiple form fields"). This is an RFE for ieSpell-like capability in Mozilla, which is IMO, one of the two really important things that IE still has and we don't (the other is MHTML support).