Mozilla 1.5 Alpha Released

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003

Lots of folks wrote in to let us know that today released Mozilla 1.5 Alpha. Release Notes and a slew of builds are available. New in 1.5a are a number of Composer enhancements, tab browser clean up, and the usual crash and performance fixes.

Looking ahead, hopes to release a Firebird 0.6.1 in the coming week to pick up some of the latest changes, including some crashes that were present in the 0.6 release. Following that, the current plan is to release a Thunderbird 0.1 prior to 1.5b, and a Firebird 0.7 alongside Mozilla 1.5 final, and continue to move towards replacing the trunk with the new standalone applications. More info on all these plans is available in the recently updated roadmap.

#15 changes to tabbed browsing...?

by kapowaz

Thursday July 24th, 2003 12:48 AM

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I've noticed a couple of odd things with 1.5a; mostly to do with tabbed browsing. First of all, opening a bookmark group no longer creates one new tab for each bookmark; they now override existing tabs and whatever page they previously contained. I've had a look through about:config but haven't been able to find the specific option that controls this - I'd say this change was a bad thing, since there is no prior warning and the standard Preferences dialog doesn't appear to let you change this behaviour.

Also (although I <em>was</em> able to disable this in Preferences) new tabs now load your homepage upon creation. Although I'm pretty sure I read about this being planned (or already implemented in 1.4? can't remember) this was a new change here which I can't understand; why would a user open a new tab to their homepage, when the most likely purpose would be to go to a specific address? Loading a page shifts focus to the page itself, rather than the address bar (as previously).

Oh, one more pet peeve: previous new installations preserved all installed extensions - 1.5a removed them all. I've had to try and remember all the various XPIs I've installed (either manually or from, and worse yet, after reinstalling it, smoothwheel doesn't always work any more (I'm none the wiser as to whether or not this is a smoothwheel or mozilla bug). Anyone else experienced these woes and share my concerns, or am I alone in this?