Full Article Attached Mozilla Marketing Project Launches

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003

Bart Decrem wrote in to tell us about the launch of Mozilla Marketing project mailing list and Bugzilla product. Bart is a new member of the Mozilla Foundation but has been involved with open source for many years now (he cofounded Eazel, among other achievements). Read the full article for complete details about the Mozilla Marketing initiative.

#9 End users more influence on Development?

by peterlairo <>

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003 7:17 AM

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> you love any little opportunity to list these > bugs don't you

I wouldn't say that I "love" any oportunity; but rather that I consider the issue of those bugs *important* enough to bring up wherever it may help get them fixed. ;)

PS. I'm "loving" the new threade+flat display format of the MozillaZine forums. It makes it much easier to read replies to posts. :-D