Full Article Attached Mozilla Marketing Project Launches

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003

Bart Decrem wrote in to tell us about the launch of Mozilla Marketing project mailing list and Bugzilla product. Bart is a new member of the Mozilla Foundation but has been involved with open source for many years now (he cofounded Eazel, among other achievements). Read the full article for complete details about the Mozilla Marketing initiative.

#36 The name is fine

by GuruJ

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003 11:30 PM

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No, I disagree. With sufficient brand awareness, any name is acceptable and becomes self-describing. For example:

How does Ford suggest 'a car manufacturer'? How does Nike suggest 'a shoe maker'? How does Sprint suggest 'a communications company'? Maybe Sprint should have been the one selling shoes :) How does IBM suggest 'a technology company'? (And don't say because it means International Business Machines -- most people wouldn't know that.)

In fact, a 'descriptive' name may in fact *hinder* brand uptake. Somehow 'Nike' or 'Reebook' is much catchier and memorable than 'John's shoes'...

The meaning of 'Netscape' had to be learnt as a brand, like any other product. I'll bet you a large sum that IE was initially sold to people by saying, 'It's just like Netscape'!

In any case, if you *must* identify the product as a browser, I think "Mozilla Browser" will do just nicely.