Full Article Attached Mozilla Marketing Project Launches

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003

Bart Decrem wrote in to tell us about the launch of Mozilla Marketing project mailing list and Bugzilla product. Bart is a new member of the Mozilla Foundation but has been involved with open source for many years now (he cofounded Eazel, among other achievements). Read the full article for complete details about the Mozilla Marketing initiative.

#32 and that, I'm afraid, isn't going to happen

by Dobbins

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003 8:31 PM

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"already preinstalled SW, is only going to result in more Help desk calls." Microsoft has no more control over what third party software may be on a PC than Mozilla does, and because of MSIE's tight integration with Windows they are more likely to have problems with third party aps than Mozilla is.

"Why does Moz have to take over the World anyway?"

If you don't have a minium user base you see things like this "InstallShield Update Service Publisher Website requires Internet Explorer 5 (or higher), Cookies & Scripting enabled. Please ensure that all three of these requirements are met, as we have detected that you are not using Internet Explorer."

Installshield might be willing to write off 7 or 8 percent of users as costing more money than it's worth, but would be far less likely to write off 25% of potental customers if Mozilla reached that market share.