Full Article Attached Mozilla Marketing Project Launches

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003

Bart Decrem wrote in to tell us about the launch of Mozilla Marketing project mailing list and Bugzilla product. Bart is a new member of the Mozilla Foundation but has been involved with open source for many years now (he cofounded Eazel, among other achievements). Read the full article for complete details about the Mozilla Marketing initiative.

#23 T-shirts and mugs are great, but...

by bheerssen

Tuesday July 22nd, 2003 1:46 PM

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We need *massive* advertising. Perhaps we could secure enough donations through t-shirt sales (etc.) to buy ad banners at respectable sites where IE usage is high. I'm thinking sites like CNet News (, Google, and Even television is not too much to ask - eventually.

I have some questions that I feel must be asked. In light of the fact marketing and advertising projects are expensive, and that we may not be able to secure enough free advertising as donations, it seems obvious that significant monies need to be raised. Who should that money go to, and how can the community be sure that the money is being used wisely? What kind of oversight can the community expect from And finally, what sort of fundraising methods might be acceptable and who should be encouraged to pursue them?

I don't mean to imply any hint of shady doings, and I'm sure everyone over at are trustworthy individuals, but any time money come up in a conversation, one should ask some tough questions in return.