Welcome to MozillaZine's New Server!

Monday July 21st, 2003

MozillaZine has moved to a new server! Due to the increasing popularity of the site, we've moved from American Data Technology, Inc., our service provider for the last five years, to a dedicated box hosted by Rackshack. Geographically, that's a move from North Carolina to Texas. With a new dedicated server, MozillaZine should have far fewer outages and SQL errors, as well as room for future growth.

The new server has a 2GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor, 512MB RAM, an 80GB hard drive (running at 7,200RPM) and Red Hat Linux 7.3. We hear it plays a mean game of Quake III Arena. On the software side, we're using a similar set up to before, with Apache, PHP and MySQL. You can see the server at Rackshack's webcam page; just don't ask us which one it is.

Two of the most popular sections of the site — the forums ( and the weblogs ( — moved to the new server (and their own subdomains) a few weeks ago, so we are fairly confident that there should be no major problems now that the rest of the site is here. However, there may still be some teething troubles (we're aware of some minor issues already) so please bear with us and let us know if you come across anything major.

We've also taken the opportunity to improve our Talkback pages, which allow you to respond to each article. Comments are now displayed in a nested format, with all the responses on a single page but still ordered by subject. We believe this new format is superior to both the previous threaded mode and the alternative flat mode, which we silently removed a few weeks ago hoping nobody would notice (we were wrong). The older display formats have now been retired. Regular visitors will also be relieved to find that the link detection algorithm (which pulls URLs out of comments and turns them into links) has been vastly improved. Bugzilla bug number references (such as bug 12345) should also now be automagically linkified. In addition, our polls have returned; we'll keep the current poll up for a few more days to allow you a little more time to vote before announcing the results.

Countless improvements have been made to the rest of the site as well. We're aiming for a greater degree of standards-compliance and many pages are now valid HTML 4.01 Strict. If everything looks funny, you've probably got old copies of our stylesheets cached: Shift+Reload to make it all better again.

We'd like say a big thank you to James "Imajes" Cox, who gave us masses of assistance with the server move. We're also deeply grateful to everyone who gave us offers of hosting or recommendations of hosting companies. Finally, thanks to all our readers for supporting us over the years. MozillaZine could not remain at the heart of the Mozilla community without you.

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by Anthracks

Wednesday July 23rd, 2003 1:47 PM

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I like the new Talkback format a lot, good job :) I do have one gripe though...the top of the main page, with the blimp and mozillazine logo is mostly a giant blank space. Why so much whitespace? It takes up nearly a quarter of the screen at my resolution (1024x768). Maybe put them both on one line? Or make it look like the header of this page, it looks fine.

Otherwise, good work!