New Tree Widget Screenshot

Friday January 29th, 1999

Dave Hyatt has for us another Tree Widget screenshot. What is the tree widget? The tree widget is a piece of code that will handle arbitrary lists of tabulated data. For example, the tree widget will handle the bookmarks information, displaying the Title, Location, Created On and Last Visited columns. The new tree widget can also contain arbitrary HTML in its cells.

Before you see the screenshot, you should know what you're seeing. First, check out the last screenshot Dave made. This is a first look at the tree widget.

Now, check out our latest screenshot. You're seeing the tree widget displaying a bookmarks list (Title column, Location column) in a browser window as in the last screenshot (eventually it will move to its own rendering space). This bookmark list has been embellished with images and text of different styles (all via HTML and CSS), and the widget itself has been styled with a black background. The tree widgets are an extension of HTML tables, and will be able to display as tables can display (with the benefit of swappable columns). So, your lists can look as *you* desire, and can be as detailed as you like.