Building Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firebird on Windows

Thursday July 17th, 2003

Henrik Gemal writes: "I'm a Mozilla fan! And being able to build Mozilla Thunderbird and/or Mozilla Firebird on my Windows XP machine sounded cool. I didn't have Microsoft Visual C++ so I needed to build without any tools from Microsoft, aside from Windows XP of couse.

"So here we go: Build Mozilla Thunderbird and/or Mozilla Firebird in 14 easy steps!"

#7 Re: Re: Cygwin is good byt Mingw is better

by mlefevre

Thursday July 17th, 2003 8:43 AM

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Mozilla moved away from having #ifdefs and alternative files in favour of having a single build process which works on Linux, Mac OS X, other types of *nix and Windows. If you introduce #ifdefs, it means that multiple changes are necessary when the build files are updated.

However, if somebody wanted to create an alternative set of build files which used Mingw and alternative CVS, Perl, etc, tools, I'm sure that could be done. As I said, it would probably prove to be something of a challenge...