EvangelMoz Publishes Roadmap for the Future

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 writes: "EvangelMoz (in hibernation for some) is coming out of hibernation to support the new Mozilla Foundation. I've plotted a bit of a roadmap indicating my thoughts on where the EvangelMoz project should target its resources. It's a giant task. And I hope some will read this, and join."

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by onelists <>

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 5:57 PM

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I don't think it really matters what type of button is used. I don't like sites viewable in only 1 browser, I design a site according to standards. I hope my sites are viewable in all standards compliant browsers, but that's besides the point. I don't say 'use Mozilla to see my site' because it is only available in Mozilla, I say it because I want to do my little bit to advertise Mozilla in any way possible. If an IE user sees my site, sees the 'best viewed in Mozilla' button, then if they never heard of it before, they may discover it. It shouldn't be the role of the Mozilla Foundation/EvangelMoz to advertise standards compliance generally, nor to advertise standards. They should advertise/evangelise Mozilla.

Perhaps it would be better to have buttons: You don't need Mozilla to see this site, but download it anyway, because I think it is better.

I don't think that has quite the same impact.