EvangelMoz Publishes Roadmap for the Future

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 writes: "EvangelMoz (in hibernation for some) is coming out of hibernation to support the new Mozilla Foundation. I've plotted a bit of a roadmap indicating my thoughts on where the EvangelMoz project should target its resources. It's a giant task. And I hope some will read this, and join."

#6 Open source web ring?

by lacostej <>

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 5:03 PM

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something that just pased throught my head reading your comment. I've got absolutely no idea how many web pages or significant web sites you need to get good advertising.

But maybe if we were to work in such a way with other open source products to distribute small mozilla buttons on our behalf, that would help.

Open Source is a phylosophy. many open source products use each other to further develop themselves. Why not make these open source ring, similar to what happens with blogging?

E.g. you partner with apache, tomcat, open source weblog tools, open source web applications, open source web sites with good coverage (such as Linux distributions) etc, so that some of them accept to put these buttons on their site or embedded with their product, perhaps in the about, perhaps in a partners page, perhaps in other ways, thus creating a sort of open source ring.

I don't know how much it is feasible, but to me it would be nice if you could.

Another idea could be a generator of these partner/about pages.

The user using a web form select a number of known open source products, and a form generates for him a HTML ready file to put on his web site. This page directly embeds button images that points to the open source projects. The button images would not need to reside with the HTML page but could be retrieved from known locations on the linked projects pages so as to not affect the user's bandwith too much.