EvangelMoz Publishes Roadmap for the Future

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 writes: "EvangelMoz (in hibernation for some) is coming out of hibernation to support the new Mozilla Foundation. I've plotted a bit of a roadmap indicating my thoughts on where the EvangelMoz project should target its resources. It's a giant task. And I hope some will read this, and join."

#4 Re: Roadmap

by sremick

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 3:59 PM

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Problem is, this goes against the goals of Many times official people have specifically asked others to NOT use such graphics.

Any idea of a web page that is best viewed in one particular browser is contrary to the ideal of a web based upon standards, and browsers that ALL use those standards. You'd be better off making a button along the lines of "Best viewed with a standards-compatible browser" or use one of the W3C validated buttons like I do on my pages.