EvangelMoz Publishes Roadmap for the Future

Wednesday July 16th, 2003 writes: "EvangelMoz (in hibernation for some) is coming out of hibernation to support the new Mozilla Foundation. I've plotted a bit of a roadmap indicating my thoughts on where the EvangelMoz project should target its resources. It's a giant task. And I hope some will read this, and join."

#13 P2P client integration

by lacostej <>

Thursday July 17th, 2003 1:24 AM

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something else, and it's more related to functionality.

When a program is useful, people will download it. Look at kazaa, etc....

Mozilla is here not only for the web, but also for the Internet as a whole. Mail, chat, etc...

What are the most used programs these days? P2P.

What if mozilla provided a tight integration with some of these tools? You can be sure that that would boost its usage. I opened <A HREF="<>">Bug 212932</A> to further discuss the idea