AOL Cuts Remaining Mozilla Hackers

Tuesday July 15th, 2003

It has been learned through public and private sources that AOL has cut or will cut the remaining team working on Mozilla in a mass firing and are dismantling what was left of Netscape (they've even pulled the logos off the buildings). Some will remain working on Mozilla during the transition, and will move to other jobs within AOL.

The news isn't all doom and gloom, folks. I've been informed that the number of volunteer Mozilla hackers started eclipsing the number of Netscape hackers last month, and that a number of folks have already been snatched up by other organizations.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: Looks like folks are starting to post to

UPDATE: I was told to stress that Mozilla will continue, and that many of the folks let go today will continue to devote time and energy to it. I'd like to wish all the best of luck, and I'd like to thank everyone for the amazing contributions that they have made over the past five years.

UPDATE #3: Some changes made to the main text above.

#35 A summary of what has happened

by cgonyea

Tuesday July 15th, 2003 5:39 PM

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Summary from what I have read to prevent everyone from going crazy:

1. Netscape the web browser/suite is dead. RIP 2. All Netscape employees have either been laid off or reassigned to another AOL TW division. 3. There are no longer any AOL employees directly paid to work on Mozilla

4. The non-profit and independent Mozilla Foundation has been started and will control Mozilla development. Notice the new web site at <> 5. Mozilla is NOT dead, far from it. 6. AOL TW will donate $2 million over the next 2 years. Since the Mozilla Foundation is non-profit, companies (including AOL TW) can continue to donate money basically for free since they can use it to reduce their taxes. AOL will also continue to support Mozilla in areas such as domain names, servers, bandwidth, etc. 7. IBM and Sun, among other companies, have said they will continue to support Mozilla.

8. A good portion of the former Netscape developers will continue to work on Mozilla. Some have even gotten hired by companies like IBM and Sun to continue to work on Mozilla. Depending on donations, the Mozilla Foundation will be able to keep some Mozilla developers on full-time pay.