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Tuesday July 15th, 2003 has just announced that they have created a new non-profit organization, the Mozilla Foundation, to continue the management of the Mozilla source. The new foundation will be made up of current staff, along with other open source leaders, including Mitch Kapor, who will chair the foundation. To help with the foundation's costs, AOL has pledged 2 million dollars, along with hardware and other resources, and other companies, including IBM, Red Hat, and Sun, are also pledging support. More information can be found in the press release or in the newsgroup posting. More details when available.

#6 Re: Whats the difference?

by RobertM

Tuesday July 15th, 2003 3:27 PM

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Well, I think we can safely say that AOL axed Netscape--they even took the logo off the building, from what I've heard. :) The paid employees will not be working on Gecko anymore.

<> has more, as does MozillaNews.

This doesn't mean that Netscape *can't* continue development, sicne Mozilla is open-source, but I'd guess 7.1 will be the last version. They probably have no incentive to do so. AOL *could* use Gecko in its client software later, but I doubt they'll do that, either. Not that they would anyway, since they didn't when they *really* had the chance. Compuserve uses it, as does AOL for OS X. Hopefully they will continue to use this technology--not that either comprises a significant portion of anything. :) On the Mac, though, it's probably the only option, short of using KHTML like Apple.