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Tuesday July 15th, 2003 has just announced that they have created a new non-profit organization, the Mozilla Foundation, to continue the management of the Mozilla source. The new foundation will be made up of current staff, along with other open source leaders, including Mitch Kapor, who will chair the foundation. To help with the foundation's costs, AOL has pledged 2 million dollars, along with hardware and other resources, and other companies, including IBM, Red Hat, and Sun, are also pledging support. More information can be found in the press release or in the newsgroup posting. More details when available.

#4 Re: Whats the difference?

by sremick

Tuesday July 15th, 2003 11:33 AM

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Seems to me this is a good marketing/PR spin on what is basically AOL wanting to rid itself of Mozilla. Start a foundation to take the place of AOL's control, AOL tosses in $2M in severence pay, and then send the child out into the Big Bad World to survive on its own. I'm not saying this is good or bad, just trying to read in-between the lines to get to the real message here.

AOL used Mozilla/Netscape as a bargaining chip w/ MS for a long time. Many say that, with the recent deal w/ MS, AOL has now played that chip. In which case, would have no further value to AOL and would only be dead-weight for a company who is already struggling. The timing fits.

What does this mean for Netscape? AOL needn't ditch the project... it doesn't need to own to use gecko in the Netscape browser. But I wonder what AOL's real plans for the future of Netscape are? They can still probably influence the Mozilla project to their own interests by making sure they're the primary contributor to the new Foundation (although maybe will be like, "hey, either you own us and you get influence, or you cut us free to fend for ourselves but you have no more say than other players"). We shall see I guess.