NGLayout ActiveX Control Operational in IE

Tuesday January 26th, 1999

Robert Gelb has two screenshots for us that will be of great interest to our viewers and, I believe, a great distress to Microsoft. The first is the NGLayout ActiveX control operational within a simple application shell, displaying the boxacidtest that we featured a few days ago on this site. The second is even more intriguing: two mozilla HTML windows displaying inside Internet Explorer 4. I think it's appropriate to mention what this _is not_. This is not a screenshot of NGLayout replacing the HTML renderer of IE4. But what it does show is how far along the NGLayout ActiveX control is, and how it is beginning its march to take over a realm that until this point was strictly MS domain. It means that application developers looking for an HTML, CSS, DOM, XML compliant application component will have to look no farther than the Open Source code of Mozilla. And they will gain the added benefit of using the same rendering engine used on all the other Mozilla platforms.

#26 Re:NGLayout ActiveX Control Operational in IE

by Rob Cumming <>

Saturday March 13th, 1999 7:34 PM

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NGLayout as an ActiveX control is extremely attractive to Application Developers such as Sausage (HotDog). We have spent an inordinate amount of time coding products that work with and around the IE components. If NGLayout is available as an ActiveX control identical to the IE one (as is the case) it is a no brainer for us (or anyone) to swap over to NGLayout or offer both alternatives.

Internally at Sausage we have used the NGLayout ActiveX Control in HotDog and it took us about 20 minutes to drop it in. That rocks in anyones language.

It also means that the very same day that NGLayout is finished, we will ship a new version of HotDog with NGLayout inside and we will tell the whole world about it. Which will hopefully add momentum to your efforts and we can assist in giving choice back to everyone using the Internet.