NGLayout ActiveX Control Operational in IE

Tuesday January 26th, 1999

Robert Gelb has two screenshots for us that will be of great interest to our viewers and, I believe, a great distress to Microsoft. The first is the NGLayout ActiveX control operational within a simple application shell, displaying the boxacidtest that we featured a few days ago on this site. The second is even more intriguing: two mozilla HTML windows displaying inside Internet Explorer 4. I think it's appropriate to mention what this _is not_. This is not a screenshot of NGLayout replacing the HTML renderer of IE4. But what it does show is how far along the NGLayout ActiveX control is, and how it is beginning its march to take over a realm that until this point was strictly MS domain. It means that application developers looking for an HTML, CSS, DOM, XML compliant application component will have to look no farther than the Open Source code of Mozilla. And they will gain the added benefit of using the same rendering engine used on all the other Mozilla platforms.

#22 Re:NGLayout ActiveX Control Operational in IE

by Guy Murphy <>

Tuesday February 2nd, 1999 3:51 AM

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I don't think anything is being missed in my original post.

The equation is simple. If what is being suggested here is correct (and the preceeding post would suggest that is's getting over-enthusiastic)...

With IE5 I can view pages designed to best exploit IE5, and via a NS5 plugin pages designed to best exploit NN5. Score... 2points.

With NN5 I can view pages designed to best exploit NN5, but not those designed to best exploit IE5... Score... 1 out of a possible 2

Now I am not addressing the various other factors that make Mozilla a very attractie prospect... there are many. All I am saying is regarding the issue of a plugin going into IE, I cannot see how this is a good *marketing* move for Mozilla.

It might well be a wonderful technical achievement, but the likes of MS got where they are by paying attention to the marketing, which is more than just glossy adverts.

A component for editors etc. *is* a good thing, not giving your competitor a 2 for 1 score advantage.