ChatZilla for Mozilla Firebird

Friday July 11th, 2003

Erik Forsberg points us to a post from the Feedster Blog about ChatZilla for Mozilla Firebird: "I'm presently seriously in love with FireBird but also starting to be romanced by Chatzilla. Now Chatzilla, which used to come with Mozilla, is a FireBird extension and if you need it, look here." ChatZilla has been available for Firebird for a while now but many people still assume that it only works with the Mozilla Application Suite.

#5 And this is news, how?


Sunday July 13th, 2003 11:26 AM

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I've been using Chatzilla with FB/Phoenix since 0.1 or so... All you needed to do to start it after installing the regular chatzilla version was click a bookmark starting with irc://