ChatZilla for Mozilla Firebird

Friday July 11th, 2003

Erik Forsberg points us to a post from the Feedster Blog about ChatZilla for Mozilla Firebird: "I'm presently seriously in love with FireBird but also starting to be romanced by Chatzilla. Now Chatzilla, which used to come with Mozilla, is a FireBird extension and if you need it, look here." ChatZilla has been available for Firebird for a while now but many people still assume that it only works with the Mozilla Application Suite.

#4 Re: this is all wrong.

by mlefevre

Saturday July 12th, 2003 5:43 AM

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Well someone else could do it I guess, but the Chatzilla folks have said they don't want to make it a separate app until it can be done sensibly. Chatzilla is currently very lightweight - I believe it's all just XUL (XML, CSS, Javascript). To be a separate app at the moment, it would need to be made into a bulky executable, and would need a GRE.

Chatzilla as an extension is a 150KB download, while Chatzilla as a separate app would be 5MB. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to put work into doing that at the moment. When there's some way of just getting the GRE (which will eventually be shared by the different separate apps) and running the Chatzilla 150KB of stuff on top of it, then a separate app would be good.