ChatZilla for Mozilla Firebird

Friday July 11th, 2003

Erik Forsberg points us to a post from the Feedster Blog about ChatZilla for Mozilla Firebird: "I'm presently seriously in love with FireBird but also starting to be romanced by Chatzilla. Now Chatzilla, which used to come with Mozilla, is a FireBird extension and if you need it, look here." ChatZilla has been available for Firebird for a while now but many people still assume that it only works with the Mozilla Application Suite.

#1 Menu items

by alanjstr

Friday July 11th, 2003 10:29 PM

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Last time I installed Chatzilla, it didn't add menus for Firebird. Either launching the chrome URL or clicking an IRC link works, of course.

Also, Chatzilla doesn't use the new XUL stuff yet, afaik. I believe I recently read it was still using the old XPFE.