Apprunner is Operational!

Tuesday January 26th, 1999

Mike Pinkerton of the XPFE group has written us to say that the new browser based around the XPFE and NGLayout has made its first steps towards life. To quote Mike, "AppRunner is up and running with toolbars instantiated from xul and working back/forward/home/stop buttons using the xptoolkit command architecture."

What does this mean? It means that the toolbars are starting to work within the application shell, they are instantiated via XML documents (XUL) and stylesheets, and their background code is created within the extensible cross platform backend they have developed.

To see a screenshot, click here.

#6 Re:Apprunner is Operational!

by Tekhir

Thursday January 28th, 1999 5:33 PM

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Cool, will this be availbe tonight in the Nightly Builds.

I also want to announce that there is a Windows 9x/Nt port for enlightenment. It still has a few problems and currently is being ported to the Win9x systems, but I heard its pretty good on NT. It's located at: <>