Mozilla Build Gets Non-Blocking Images!

Wednesday September 9th, 1998

The newest builds of Mozilla showing up today (Thursday) have some new code checked in by Chris Waterson that "avoid(s) blocking HTML layout on an image of unknown dimensions." Basically a whole new reflow system is being built in the *current* layout engine (not NGLayout), which means that the change could very well make it into Communicator 4.5 or 5.0. It should provide functionality similar to what you find in IE currently.

In a nutshell: on a page in which the images don't have HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes, the page will layout despite this lack of blocking info, and reflow as the images come in completely. This way you can see the text information quickly, unhindered by the lack of H/W attributes. Quite cool! So, hop on over to or MozBin and pick up the latest build (wait until the 9-9-98 build to be on the safe side).

#1 Re:Mozilla Build Gets Non-Blocking Images!

by George (beg)

Wednesday September 9th, 1998 10:58 PM

This is some thing i have been pushing for.

The nglayout does a pretty good job, but it could be better.

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by dougt

Thursday March 10th, 2005 10:52 AM