'The Guardian' Recommends Mozilla Firebird/Thunderbird, Criticises Mozilla Development Decisions

Thursday July 10th, 2003

Ian Deeley and A Wood both wrote in to tell us that today's edition of The Guardian, the UK broadsheet newspaper, features a column by Jack Schofield that recommends Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird. The article states that "Mozilla's Firebird browser and Thunderbird standalone mail software could make Microsoft's offerings look very shabby indeed." The bulk of the rest of the feature critically examines Netscape's and's browser development decisions (it is particularly damning of the team's cross-platform aspirations) and discusses Microsoft's plans to abandon development of the standalone version of Internet Explorer. Readers of the print edition of The Guardian can find the column on page 22 of the Life/Online supplement.

#56 You sure you talking about the right browser?

by rzaakir

Sunday July 13th, 2003 7:51 AM

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Funny, I like printing in Mozilla over IE because Mozilla is smart enough to autoscale the page (shrink to fit) where IE will truncate pictures and text if the design doesn't fit an 8.5x11 page. Lets not even talk about the problems that IE has scaling text in the FIRST place. Maybe your assertions have merit but as somebody that prints in Mozilla all the time, these shortcomings have never manifested themselves to me.