'The Guardian' Recommends Mozilla Firebird/Thunderbird, Criticises Mozilla Development Decisions

Thursday July 10th, 2003

Ian Deeley and A Wood both wrote in to tell us that today's edition of The Guardian, the UK broadsheet newspaper, features a column by Jack Schofield that recommends Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird. The article states that "Mozilla's Firebird browser and Thunderbird standalone mail software could make Microsoft's offerings look very shabby indeed." The bulk of the rest of the feature critically examines Netscape's and's browser development decisions (it is particularly damning of the team's cross-platform aspirations) and discusses Microsoft's plans to abandon development of the standalone version of Internet Explorer. Readers of the print edition of The Guardian can find the column on page 22 of the Life/Online supplement.

#53 Re: The truth Can Be Uncomfortable Sometimes

by YFan

Sunday July 13th, 2003 1:48 AM

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>>Open a new tab. Print preview it. Hit Ctrl-F4 or Ctrl-PgUp/Ctrl-PgDn. You can get either a browser window with print-preview toolbars, or a print-preview window with browser toolbars using this method. Go to bugzilla and search for "print preview", choose from nearly 200 unresolved bugs.<<

New Tab print preview looks no different than the preview from the window if only one tab is open. Ctrl-F4 Closes the tab. Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn moves the focus to the tab to the left or the right. Nothing to do with print preview at all. Only discrepency I noticed was with the Yahoo homepage where the bottom of Yahoo's right side bara was truncated and the rest printed on the next page since the first page didn't have enough space. No big deal (I don't print the Yahoo home page too often). But when I printed it, it was fine, the pic was fitted into the first page. No text ever gets truncated. Yes, I do see 194 bug reports. But all the ones I tried out randomly no longer occur (except one) as of the July 9 nightly (the one I am using).

>>One needs IE to print web pages that can't be printed under Mozilla.<<

Actually, even if they cannot be "printed under Mozilla" (I have yet to discover such a page in my everyday surfing) most pages, especially news and document pages have a printer friendly link. That can be used, and in my opinion should be if available, no matter what browser one is on. I should mention that I have not touched IE to do speed tests on IE vs Mozilla since Mozilla 1.1, and I am a broadband multimedia type heavy browser. And the truth is, I couldn't be happier.

>>The truth can be uncomfortable sometimes.<<

Yes, but the truth is not that Mozilla cannot print.