NewsMonster 1.0 Released

Wednesday July 9th, 2003

Kevin A. Burton writes in with news that NewsMonster 1.0 has been released: "Come and get it gang! This build focuses on stability while we work hard on 1.1. Screenshots are available as is a full introduction to NewsMonster PRO."

#3 A little confusion perhaps

by motobass

Sunday July 13th, 2003 12:37 PM

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I have been trying out NewsMonster for the last two months or so, off and on. It has come along very nicely. Start up times greatly improved, it has folders so you can categorize your feeds (and has had them for some time now), aggregation speed is greatly improved though could get better still. Also, if you do not want to have it automatically run when you start Mozilla (or a recent Firebird nighlty), you have a preference somewhere that allows you to specify that. I think it is a very fine tool and goes above and beyond with additional features such as its reputation system (PRO version) and its weblog universe popularity tool. A great benefit for me was the ability to import my feeds from AmphetaDesk using the OPML import wizard. Great work Kevin.