Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1 News and Reviews

Sunday July 6th, 2003

It's almost a week since the double release of Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1. The new Netscape version came out first and it was reported on by Slashdot, and Macworld UK. Mozilla 1.4 followed shortly after, leading to articles at Slashdot (again),, (again), FootNotes and the Temple of the Screaming Penguin. As the two browsers came out on the same day, several sites — including ZDNet News, Techweb, The Mac Observer and OSNews — produced single reports for both releases. Meanwhile, CNET and Ars Technica tied their stories in with Marc Andreessen's recent comments that browser innovation is dead.

In the reviews department, eWeek examined Mozilla 1.4 (with some comments on the new Netscape version) and The Inquirer took a look at Netscape 7.1.

Finally, for those who think that Mozilla 1.4 doesn't offer any real improvements, Asa Dotzler has a changelog. Thanks to everyone who sent us links to articles.

#1 No Improvements?

by zontar

Monday July 7th, 2003 2:16 AM

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I notice that the Windows installer's about 500k lighter than the last one (for 1.3, that is). Starts up faster on my 400MHz Celery. Seems to load pages bit more quickly as well, and things looks a little crisper, especially form elements. Noticeably much better performance on a slow connection -- previous versions tended to "hang" and never quite finish loading a lot of pages.

I just noticed a couple days ago that Mozilla seems to be the only browser that supports title attributes or mouseover/mouseout events on OPTION elements -- neither MSIE 6.0SP1 nor Opera 7.11 does. Chalk up another one in the standards-compliance and usability departments for The Lizard. :)

(BTW, what happened to flat view of responses to Mo'Zine news items? It's rather less than convenient to have to click a different link in order to read each response.)