Full Article Attached mozdev Downed by Denial of Service Attack

Saturday July 5th, 2003

Pete Collins of mozdev wrote in to tell us why the site has been unavailable since yesterday. It appears that mozdev was hit with a massive denial of service attack targetting the Bugzilla and CVSweb CGI scripts. Pete and the mozdev team are working hard to bring the site back up and they plan to report this incident to the FBI. If anyone has any information about the attack, get in touch with Pete at

Update! Pete writes in: "People are coming forward to help out from all over the globe. Some are providing some tips about the attackers, others analysis of the logs and possible exploit used. Once again the community rises up to help out.

"In the mean time I have mozdev here in my basement and am working on getting the data over to the new server which we just purchased w/ donations the community has given mozdev.

"The worst case scenario is I'll have mozdev back up in days (I hope) w/ CVS and some other minimal services. We can't use the old system anymore. It is running an OS that is very old and is the root of our problems."

Another Update! The German magazine Heise has a report on the attack. A rough English translation is available from Google.

#9 Another attack of the script kiddies?

by netdemon <>

Saturday July 5th, 2003 10:56 PM

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