Full Article Attached Mozilla Calendar Project Lead Mike Potter Retires, Mostafa Hosseini Named as New Head

Friday July 4th, 2003

Yesterday, Mike Potter retired as the lead of the Mozilla Calendar project. Mostafa Hosseini has now taken over Mike's duties, which include reviewing patches, checking in code, creating new builds and updating the project website. Like Mike, Mostafa works for OEone (the company that launched the Calendar project) and has already written substantial portions of the component's code.

The current plan is to work towards making Calendar into a standalone application, along the lines of Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird. Though the team did discuss moving Calendar to mozdev, they have decided to remain a part of the Mozilla project for now. Encouragingly, there has been interest in Calendar from companies such as Sun Microsystems and

#4 missing piece of the puzzle

by mschurter

Saturday July 5th, 2003 10:44 AM

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For me as an IT consultant to small businesses, the Calendar is the missing piece of the puzzle. I have one client ready to switch from IE/Outlook to completely Mozilla based, but first the calendar needs to be complete. And as far as the standalone app issue goes, we need a development group which packages all the different apps. Offices want an Outlook-esque component (Email + Calendar) and a Browser. Developers want email, a browser, and all the tools that make Mozilla a God-send to work with. Anyway, who am I to talk? I'm just another one of those people who whine and complain and never have the time to donate to the project itself!