Standardizing on Mozilla?

Thursday July 3rd, 2003

Slashdot today asked "Which Organizations Have Standardized on Mozilla?" A lot of good stories and ideas about trying to get an organization to switch to Mozilla based solutions.

#23 Re: re: Bugs that make Mozilla business-unfriendly

by Makali

Saturday July 5th, 2003 6:12 PM

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You think that's bad? There's several cases where years of geek-philosophical rambling has meant that Mozilla doesn't support HTML 4.01 properly (like aligning and/or styling table columns/column-groups).

It's a perfect example of why design-by-committee sucks balls - every project needs one or two friendly ruthless dictators to settle decisions like this so everyone can fix a problem and move on. It's how Moz-Firebird went from idea to implementation so quickly.