Standardizing on Mozilla?

Thursday July 3rd, 2003

Slashdot today asked "Which Organizations Have Standardized on Mozilla?" A lot of good stories and ideas about trying to get an organization to switch to Mozilla based solutions.

#11 Re: Why change to Mozilla e-mail?

by vgendler

Friday July 4th, 2003 12:32 PM

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No crushes of the email for me since Mozilla 1.0 RCs. The Bookmarks and the Address book have also never been lost. The only thing which is pretty inconvenient I noticed in Mozilla 1.4 (possibly happened earlier) was difficulty to restore the old emails from my back up. Occasionally I restore the back up to get some old emails. I did it simply replaced the whole Mail folder. Last time it did not work for me with Mozilla 1.4 (I did not see folders). The workaround was to replace the contents of the Mail folder.