Quick News

Thursday July 3rd, 2003

A couple of small newsbits:

James "Kovu" Russell writes: "The Amizilla booty is now up to over $4000. Additionally, the project has five developers now and is up at" Amizilla is the effort to port Mozilla to the new Amiga OS.

Lissyx writes: "The new ChatZilla 0.8.34 (which provides logging) is now available in French. If you have questions on the latest release, join our IRC channel" To download other versions of ChatZilla, check out Rob Ginda's download page. And for more information on its features and other news on ChatZilla, check out the project page.

And finally, Morten W. Petersen writes: "Kaye, our CCO at Nidelven IT has created an Introduction to Thunderbird. This is a first in a series about Thunderbird, and we'd like to hear any feedback you have on it, thanks."

#1 Thunderbird article.

by AndyS

Thursday July 3rd, 2003 7:16 PM

"Thunderbird is one of those programs which can compete with MS Outlook"

I thought Thunderbird was going to be more of a replacement for Outlook Express than Outlook.

Also this article look as if it was written for an end user. Should we really be looking to attract end users to a product which has yet to reach 0.1 and is still in the 'heavy lifting' stages of development?

#2 Re: Thunderbird article

by morphex

Friday July 4th, 2003 8:41 AM

I'm forwarding the Outlook/Outlook Express issue to Kaye.

As for attracting end users, isn't Thunderbird good enough for daily use? We use it every day in our company, and I know others that do as well, without problems. What's this heavy lifting your talking about?

#3 Re: Thunderbird article

by morphex

Sunday July 6th, 2003 6:19 PM

The article has been updated, so that it says Outlook Express instead of Outlook. Kaye has also added some images for the step-by-step tutorial on how to add a mail account. Enjoy!