WaMCom now available for Mac OS "classic"

Thursday July 3rd, 2003

Kai writes: "The WaMCom project has invested the extra work to make its Mozilla 1.3.1 based 2003-06-24 release available for users of Mac OS 9, in addition to the binaries for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows that had been announced a couple of days ago. The Mac classic version appears to run fine on Mac OS 9.2.2. Feedback about successes with earlier versions is welcome."

#4 I'm alive! I'm not M$ again!

by sgtaylor <>

Sunday July 20th, 2003 8:59 AM

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Finally, I can have a working distro of Mozilla on my 7300/375 G3!

Build 1.2.1 crashed on my machine a little too much for my liking, so I had to go back to M$ for a time (gag/choke). BTW, for ease of use Outlook Express 5.0.6 is the program to beat in terms of useability, IMHO, but 1) it's Microsoft, and 2) OE places about 5 or 6 extensions in the System Folder. Not good.

Mozilla, by contrast, 1) puts nothing in the System Folder, and 2) it's quite easy to work with at version 1.3.1 (speed was the issue for me). -- Steve @--->----