New Screenshots Now Up

Friday January 22nd, 1999

We have posted two new screenshots for your viewing pleasure. One is a shot of a new toolbar that was tested on Mac, and can be found on the Screenshots page, in the Mac section. The second screenshot is from OS/2 Warp, and is of the Box Acid Test, and is available on the Box Acid Test Screenshots page.

We now have images from four platforms of the Box Acid Test being layed out almost perfectly, and IE5 has, well, none.

#1 Re:New Screenshots Now Up

by Dan_

Saturday January 23rd, 1999 10:07 PM

Just wondering if any one has tried this Box Acid Test using IE4 (or 5) and the Gecko ActiveX controll??? It would be interseting to see if it could be used to up IE4 to Gecko's level of CSS compliance!!! Just a thought...

#2 Re:New Screenshots Now Up

by Aaron Hope

Monday January 25th, 1999 8:47 AM

Actually someone has done the test in IE and posted a screenshot. It was in an article linked off slashdot not long ago. As I recall, IE did ok (a helluva lot better than netscape 4.5), but not perfect.

#3 Re:New Screenshots Now Up

by rgelb

Monday January 25th, 1999 10:18 AM

I have tried it with the activeX control. It works great. I posted a screenshot at, if anyone wants to see it. The little app was done in VB5. It also works to up IE4's level of compliance, but what's the point.

#4 Re:New Screenshots Now Up

by rgelb

Monday January 25th, 1999 10:20 AM

I've mistakenly placed a comma in the previous post in the link. It will not load correctly. Either remove the comma, or load this proper link:

#5 Re:New Screenshots Now Up

by Dan_

Monday January 25th, 1999 10:44 PM

The point would be a way to develope web application using DHTML, and if an IE user visited you could then offer them the opertunity to download the ActiveX controll, and view the page in full context without having to install any new software. This could prevent serious headaches in cross-browser scripting. Plus it would be a cool way to indorectly increase the install base of Mozilla.

#6 Re:New Screenshots Now Up

by rgelb

Tuesday January 26th, 1999 11:09 AM

Well, now that you found a point, I gotta do it. Check out You'll find exactly what you wanted.

#7 Re:New Screenshots Now Up

by Dan_

Wednesday January 27th, 1999 1:20 AM

Very Cool!!!!!