New Blogger Version Compatible With Mozilla

Monday June 30th, 2003

Yacoubean of writes: " used to be an IE-only type of site, before Google bought the service. Mozilla worked with the site, but a lot of the ease of use features wouldn't work, like bold, links, italics, etc. They've been releasing an upgraded service over the last few weeks and moving all the blogs over to it. It appears that all of the features work with Mozilla now!"

The release notes for the new version of Blogger, which is called Dano, list Mozilla compatibility as a fixed issue: "Blogger toolbar buttons would not appear under all browsers. Standard Blogger is compatible with IE6 and Mozilla 1.0 or greater. All other browsers will be automatically redirected to the LoFi interface." The Dano FAQ contains more general details about the new Blogger version.

#3 Template editing still buggy

by amr

Tuesday July 1st, 2003 5:38 AM

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I edited my blog's template under Mozilla, and it stripped a bunch of tags and basically rendered the style sheet for the blog unreadable. I had a friend call me and tell me he couldn't see anything there but a blank page. He said "'view source' says there SHOULD be something there". Going back and republishing the template with IE seemed to fix it.

They have a comment about this in their FAQ, listed here. <http://publicmind.blogger…duser/group.jsp?node=5913>

Anybody else have a problem editing Blogger templates under Gecko browsers?