Mozilla 1.4 Released

Monday June 30th, 2003

Mozilla 1.4 is now available for download! This release offers several enhancements over Mozilla 1.3.1, including NTLM authentication support (Windows only), bookmarks improvements, click-and-drag image and table resizing in Composer, smooth scrolling (disabled by default), junk mail improvements and proxy auto-config failover. See the new-look Mozilla 1.4 Release Notes for more information and grab a build from the mozilla1.4 directory on

The Mozilla 1.4 branch is intended to replace the 1.0 branch as a stable baseline for developers to build upon. It is the basis of today's Netscape 7.1 release. In future milestone cycles, changes will be made to both the Mozilla technology and the project's organisation, including a move towards the standalone Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird applications as the main focus of development. See the Mozilla Roadmap for more information.

#54 I wish that was an option

by lazytiger

Thursday July 3rd, 2003 7:47 AM

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I'm actually a little OCD when it comes to keeping my computer up-to-date and clean as a whistle. However, I can do that at home... I can't at work. My computer here is 98 SE and I guarantee it's never been wiped and reinstalled since it was purchased over 3 years ago (that was before I started working here). I'd even be willing to put in my own time to upgrade to W2K and reinstall everything (or just reinstall 98, though that wouldn't be much fun). But I can't do that without the IS guy's help/permission and he's not even located in this city (I work at a satellite office).

Anyway, this isn't really the proper place to rant about such non-mozilla-specific things. I just wanted to say that I'm in total agreement that rebuilding the system would solve virtually every problem this computer has. I just wish that was an option.

I downloaded the newest drivers from nVidia (with the "Unified Driver Architecture" - what the hell kind of feature is that? One big monolithic 18 meg piece of shit that they make everyone download instead of just the proper driver for only 1-3 megs.) and my system seems to be doing better now. But I'll have to wait and see if it's still OK after a day's use. I have Mozilla open virtually all 9 hours a day that I'm here, along with other resource-hogging apps like Illustrator, FreeHand, PageMaker, etc., and I've sometimes had repainting problems with Mozilla after a few hours of use. But it really is testament to Mozilla's stability that that's about the extent of the problems I've had with it. Maybe even that problem will be fixed now that I've updated the video drivers.

Maybe something about having the newest nVidia drivers should be included in the release notes.