Mozilla 1.4 Released

Monday June 30th, 2003

Mozilla 1.4 is now available for download! This release offers several enhancements over Mozilla 1.3.1, including NTLM authentication support (Windows only), bookmarks improvements, click-and-drag image and table resizing in Composer, smooth scrolling (disabled by default), junk mail improvements and proxy auto-config failover. See the new-look Mozilla 1.4 Release Notes for more information and grab a build from the mozilla1.4 directory on

The Mozilla 1.4 branch is intended to replace the 1.0 branch as a stable baseline for developers to build upon. It is the basis of today's Netscape 7.1 release. In future milestone cycles, changes will be made to both the Mozilla technology and the project's organisation, including a move towards the standalone Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird applications as the main focus of development. See the Mozilla Roadmap for more information.

#53 Rebuild your system

by Malc

Thursday July 3rd, 2003 6:49 AM

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I used to have problems with Mozilla under Win2K. It was the only app that would cause a BSOD on my machine. Guess what? In the nVidia drivers. It's been fine since I reinstalled, but that's not much consolation. Mozilla was doing something bad as nothing else brought my system down. I couldn't even leave it running for four hours before I started seeing redraw problems in Mozilla and then other apps... shortly followed by BSOD (quite as I shut down Mozilla).

When was your system last rebuilt? I was impressed that my Win2K system hadn't been rebuilt in 3 years, which is quite exceptional for Windows. As yours is Win98, I would recommend rebuilding if it hasn't been done within the last year. It could very well fix your problems.