Mozilla 1.4 Released

Monday June 30th, 2003

Mozilla 1.4 is now available for download! This release offers several enhancements over Mozilla 1.3.1, including NTLM authentication support (Windows only), bookmarks improvements, click-and-drag image and table resizing in Composer, smooth scrolling (disabled by default), junk mail improvements and proxy auto-config failover. See the new-look Mozilla 1.4 Release Notes for more information and grab a build from the mozilla1.4 directory on

The Mozilla 1.4 branch is intended to replace the 1.0 branch as a stable baseline for developers to build upon. It is the basis of today's Netscape 7.1 release. In future milestone cycles, changes will be made to both the Mozilla technology and the project's organisation, including a move towards the standalone Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird applications as the main focus of development. See the Mozilla Roadmap for more information.

#39 GPFs crippling my system

by lazytiger

Tuesday July 1st, 2003 2:10 PM

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1.4 is killing me. Twice today I've gotten GPFs caused by Mozilla, completely freezing my system and forcing me to hit the button on the case to restart. Talkback is installed, but it doesn't catch these GPFs. Here's a sample error message:

MOZILLA caused a general protection fault in module NVDISP.DRV at 0001:0000c50a. Registers: EAX=00000401 CS=03a7 EIP=0000c50a EFLGS=00010212 EBX=000002d2 SS=37e7 ESP=e0677f7e EBP=00007faa ECX=00000401 DS=00fe ESI=fefe00fe FS=1fa6 EDX=0000001c ES=eab7 EDI=00000038 GS=adc7 Bytes at CS:EIP: f3 a5 03 f2 4b 75 f7 66 8c c0 66 8e d8 2b f6 2b Stack dump: 0001adc7 00c7eab7 00000084 00000000 0000b706 0000c3e3 002d7a40 0000959a 00008006 00003546 b7060647 00007fd0 04d74d8a 1fa60000 00000000 b7060000

I don't see anything about NVDISP.DRV in the release notes. I thought it might be a known bug with the video driver, but it turns out that's for ATI drivers and my computer has an NVidia adapter.

I did a search on Bugzilla, but couldn't find anything. I don't know what the hell my problem with Bugzilla is, but I've tried searching for keywords that I KNOW exist, and the results come up as "Zarro Boogs". I'll log in and search for all the bugs have been filed by me (which is only a handful) and again I get "Zarro Boogs". Am I cursed? Has Bugzilla been reset somehow?