Netscape Taking Orders for Netscape 7.1 on CD

Saturday June 28th, 2003

The Inquirer is reporting that Netscape has started taking orders for Netscape 7.1 on CD. The new Netscape browser is not yet available for download but the contents of the /pub/netscape7/english/7.1 directory on Netscape's FTP server were publicly accessible for a few hours earlier this week. The Netscape 7.1 CD order page lists prices of US$2.99 for a Netscape 7.1 CD and US$9.99 for a CD and guidebook, with those figures good until July 11th. Most of the links on Netscape's site still point to the older Netscape 7.0/7.02 CD order page.

#4 I'll probably order one

by dave532

Sunday June 29th, 2003 6:08 AM

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I'll probably order one, not because I really need it, but it's a cheap way of showing AOL there's still interest in Netscape, plus as they've contributed so much to the Mozilla project the small amount on income they may earn off these CD's is at least some sorta thanks from Mozilla users.

OK, there's a lot of decisions I've disagreed with that Netscape have made in the future, but remember the mozilla project wouldn't have existed without Netscape and they've now made mozilla to the stage that it can survive well with or without their help.

The question no one seems to know, is what are Netscape's plans for the future. Is the new Fire/Thunderbird based mozilla gonna be the basis for 8.0, are Netscape just going to stay with the seamonkey branch, or after 7.1 just moving aside. I'm sure this will only become apparent once 7.1 is shipped and we see what the Netscape developers are working on.