Netscape Taking Orders for Netscape 7.1 on CD

Saturday June 28th, 2003

The Inquirer is reporting that Netscape has started taking orders for Netscape 7.1 on CD. The new Netscape browser is not yet available for download but the contents of the /pub/netscape7/english/7.1 directory on Netscape's FTP server were publicly accessible for a few hours earlier this week. The Netscape 7.1 CD order page lists prices of US$2.99 for a Netscape 7.1 CD and US$9.99 for a CD and guidebook, with those figures good until July 11th. Most of the links on Netscape's site still point to the older Netscape 7.0/7.02 CD order page.

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by robdogg

Sunday June 29th, 2003 10:20 PM

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>>> Put simply, the browser war will most likely not be rewon by Netscape - the war may, however, be rewon by Mozilla as it becomes an underlying technology in more and more applications and platforms. <<<

Sad to say, I don't think this is going to happen. As we've seen, "regular" users use whatever is available. Features like tabbed browsing and type ahead lookup don't get regular Joes excited - they have barely mastered the back/forward buttons. Popup blocking may, but this feature has been offered forever for IE by the ISPs like Earthlink and now AOL, etc... so, IMO, that cancels the only feature for which Moz could beat IE in the regular users' eyes.

With corporations, it is similar - I had found. IE means one less install to worry about. And employees are unlikely to risk their jobs and go against the PC police at the workplace which mandates IE.

Case & point, I wrote a very Firebird-friendly data-entry web application (because I use Firebird) with a layout that favored the "type ahead find" and ability to place focus on a dropdown list and then type your entry (in IE, each letter brings forth the first time that matches the letter). Using the app with IE was ok, people were complaining that they had to switch between mouse and keyboard too often (remember, this is a data-entry app). So I had a couple of people download and unzip Firebird and they didn't have to use the mouse. Within days, just about the entire department converted, mostly because "type ahead find" and dropdown box features saved so much time. Within days though, the IT dept got wind of it and wiped Firebird off everyone's PC.

The app I working on now is using link prefetching. This feature is awesome. The response time is nearly instant. People can't believe it is a web app. Of course, I tell them that it'll still be slow on their box because they use IE.

Anyway, good job and thanks.