Demonstration of Robin Remote XUL Desktop Available

Friday June 27th, 2003

Gerald Bauer wrote in to tell us about Robin (Remote Operating System Build in Netscape), a remote XUL desktop environment created by Randall Knutson. A live pre-alpha demo of Robin is available, featuring a basic Windows 9x style user interface and a selection of XUL games. Robin isn't written exclusively in XUL: it also makes use of DHTML, JavaScript and "some crazy hacks". The XUL News Wire has more information about Robin.

#9 Interesting...

by beg_ne

Saturday June 28th, 2003 7:06 PM

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Interesting and kind of cool. Though it seems to load very slowly on my admittedly lame 56K connection.

But for doing simple things like games etc. Wouldn't it be much better to use something like java applets instead? Atleast then the games would be "real" they could have sound effects and music etc. While the games in the demo seem to work on the frist keypress then break(atleast in Firebird) while the Pagman ghosts travel around the board at 1 frame per second.