Partial Composer++ Landing Improves Positioning and Inline Table Editing Support

Wednesday June 25th, 2003

Daniel Glazman writes: "Composer has a few new features, checked in today with the fix for bug 137092: (1) support for Absolute Positioning (2) positioned elements are movable on the canvas and resizable (3) their z-index can be increased (bring to front) or decreased (send to back) (4) a grid can be enabled/disabled to make sure the coordinates of a positioned element are multiples of a given grid size (5) and finally 'inline table editing' buttons, allowing you to insert/remove a line/column in one click, are displayed on a cell's left and top border when the selection is contained in a table cell. This last feature is also enabled in HTML email and we'll see if HTML mail users like it or not. If not, we can very easily disable it. All these features were part of the Composer++ plan." More details are available in Daniel's latest weblog posting.

#5 Needs to be smarter

by WillyWonka

Wednesday June 25th, 2003 3:02 PM

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I just wish composer was a little smarter. If you create a 2x2 table and then collapse/merge the rows so that the table becomes 1x2, it should either a) automatically adjust the rowspan and colspan, or b) give you the option to have composer to go through and try to clean up the html (I think dreamweaver has this option - but I haven't used that program in 2 years now so I dunno)

It would reduce the complexity of some table based web pages greatly. I always hated manually going through a gui designed web page because the cells in a table "Didn't line up properly" only to find out that the colspan and rowspan were really messed up.