Full Article Attached Mozilla 1.5 Alpha Freeze Date Moved to July 9th

Tuesday June 24th, 2003

Asa Dotzler has announced that an extra two weeks has been added to the Mozilla 1.5 Alpha milestone period to account for the current development focus on 1.4. The milestone schedule section of the Mozilla Development Roadmap has been updated to reflect this change, with the new freeze date set to Wednesday 9th July.

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by pkb351 <>

Thursday June 26th, 2003 11:42 AM

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"Many Mozilla users (including myself) have been confused by this whole 1.5/*bird issue and you saying that 1.5 will become Firebird/Thunderbird has never been spoken clearly to the Mozilla community at large. Yes, I'm sure many of the developers and other supporters knew this, but not all of us follow the project so closely."

I wonder if the confusion about Moz 1.5 in the Moz Community exists since hiearchy at Mozilla is still discussing/determing what to do with seamonky (trunk) and FireBird/Thunderbird. I suspect there is still much discussion how much, if any, code from Seamonky will move to Firebird/Thunderbird.

Slightly off topic: I hope 1.5 improves the preferences. Using Firebird I am constantly finding items I wish were in the preferences. Some sites work well with Smooth Scroll, while others do not. It is not convient to go to "About:config" to make these changes.

I know several have commented that Firebird/Thunderbird is not intended for end users. There is a major fear that pops up here for me. If recent tech news has been followed one can definitely see Microsoft tightening up its grip on the internet. Microsoft has dumped stand-alone IE (Mac/Win versions). Media Player 9 is only available for Windows and the Media Player pluging for browsers than IE is unable to handle scripting. AutoUpdate on Windoews requires IE. Dot.Net will be Windows only and likely require the use of IE as well. Do you see were this is leading -> there is a possibility that the Internet may require Windows and IE to be full accessible and functional. I am hoping that the Eropean Union can reign in MS's current anticompetitive behavior (something the DoJ failed to do), but I am not betting the farm on it.

My point is that the Internet has to remaing platform (i.e. OS/processor) independent and browser independent or the Internet is in danger of becomming the playground of MS. I am not willing to settle for an MS dominated Internet. There are so many better options to Windows/IE/Media player for internet access.

Now back to Firebird/Thunderbird. Mozilla 1.5 (along with Composer++ for individuals to create standards Web sites) are tools to help prevent MS from dominating the Internet. I don't want to banish MS from the internet, I simply want to see competition restored. can help keep the internet competitive. Netscape can help achieve this goal as well and has its place. Mozilla .org has to realize the main tool it has to combat and Internet dominated by MS (and possibly requiring Windows and IE) is not Netscape 8.0 (although this will help) but is Mozilla 1.5++. When states that Mozilla is not for end users this is not the best thinking in my mind. Maybe the nightlies can calim to not be for end users. But we should encourage end users to use the stable milestone releases. And Mzoilla has to be made a little bit easier for end users in my opinion! Part of achieving this is to develope an easier to use set of preferences. We do not need a "bare bones" or "minimalist" set of preferences. If the preferences UI is well developed (<semi serious rant>boy do I wish we had some Apple volunteers at Mozilla to assist with this</semi serious rant> adding many more useful preferences should not confuse too many "users". If we want Mozilla to be a part of helping to keep the Web competitive and less dependent on MS?Windows and IE the need for users to have to use "about:config" or for that matter edit a JSPreferences file must be minimalized.

Sorry for the rant, but I sure hope the end user is remembered as we progress to 1.5. IMHO the end user is the future of Mozilla. If the end user needs to personally know a geek in order to use Mozilla 1.5 then I believe Mozilla 1.5 will have partially failed.

Just my hunble 1-1/2 cents.