NewsForge's Robin Miller on Converting Outlook Users to Mozilla

Monday June 23rd, 2003

marcoos writes: "'Friends don't let friends use Outlook Express,' writes Robin Miller on NewsForge. So, what's the solution? Yes, Mozilla Mail&News."

#9 Uh, multiple accounts 'no problem'? I think not

by leafdigital

Tuesday June 24th, 2003 4:47 AM

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Multiple accounts are no problem... in *Outlook Express*. It works fine, although you do have to make a few kludges during setup.

Reading mail: you can have as many accounts as you want, and they all place mail in the same inbox so you can read it conveniently. (If you really want to separate mail, it's easy to filter it to other folders.)

Can you do that in Mozilla mail?

Sending mail from multiple accounts: you can have as many accounts as you want, including different names for the same 'real' account (e.g. <>, <>). It's easy to configure it so that, every time you send a message, a dropdown right there on the message lets you select the 'from' account.

Can you do that in Mozilla mail?

With these two missing features (last time I looked anyway, and the relevant bugs aren't marked fixed) Mozilla's support for multiple accounts is very much poorer than Outlook Express - and, as a multiple account user, I don't consider Mozilla an alternative worth switching to until these features are added. (Sure, I *could* live without them - but why should I when I'm using a perfectly decent mail client already? I have no security problems with Outlook Express, it's all locked down.)

Mozilla Mail's support for multiple accounts is great when you compare it with the old Netscape 4 version, yes. But it's poor when compared to Outlook Express.

(I'm not arguing the other features, obviously security is much better, also spam filtering. Bear in mind though that many of the listed advantages don't apply if your OE is set up correctly and kept updated with patches.)