NewsForge's Robin Miller on Converting Outlook Users to Mozilla

Monday June 23rd, 2003

marcoos writes: "'Friends don't let friends use Outlook Express,' writes Robin Miller on NewsForge. So, what's the solution? Yes, Mozilla Mail&News."

#32 Outlook features

by FattMattP

Wednesday June 25th, 2003 5:46 PM

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> Yes, we already know that outlook has virusspreading > features not available in Mozilla.

Only if you don't install the security patches. You do install the security patches on your system, don't you?

> Mozilla already plugins for calendar and spellchecking. > What other are all those features of outlook missing?

The task list where I can create tasks, assign them to other people or myself and make notes about what needs to be done/status/etc. The journal where you can track items related to a contact. I use it to track tasks, phone calls placed, emails, meetings, and documents related to one or more client. I couldn't live without the journal. I use it every day to track how I interact with clients and coworkers. I also feel that the presentation of contacts in my address book is much better than how Mozilla handles it.