NewsForge's Robin Miller on Converting Outlook Users to Mozilla

Monday June 23rd, 2003

marcoos writes: "'Friends don't let friends use Outlook Express,' writes Robin Miller on NewsForge. So, what's the solution? Yes, Mozilla Mail&News."

#18 Re: Re: I'm with you on this one

by flacco

Tuesday June 24th, 2003 11:01 AM

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I'd like to have a single account set up, with the option of sending mail from <>, <>, <> etc etc.

Add me to the "me too" list on this (lack of) feature. sure you can work around it by creating a bunch of useless, bogus accounts just to get the addresses in the dropdown, but then you end up with a hugely cluttered account/folder tree.

here's my ideal implementation:

- addresses are associated with accounts - multiple addresses per account - an account has a default address - an account can be set up to have NO default address - addresses (not accounts) are associated with SMTP servers - for new messages, mailer defaults to default address - for replies, mailer defaults to the To address of the message


1) the ability to have NO default From: address for an account forces you to consciously specify a From: address before sending. This is crucial to avoid accidentally sending a message with the wrong From address.

2) likewise, with replies, defaulting the From address to the To address helps avoid sending from the wrong account.